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How to Prevent Weight Gain during the Holidays


I use Rakuten whenever I am shopping online and love my cashbook checks! It’s simple to use and fun to get the cash back when shopping for things you need!

You can also Get cash back from some travel sites including airlines.

Streak Free, Spot Free Cloth

Get the Cleaning Chemicals Out of Your Home!

The Empress Cloth is a streak free, spot free, smear free, lint free, dust free, reusable microfiber cleaning cloth.
No Chemicals; No Paper Towels Needed.


Free Ebooks

How to Increase my Happiness


30 Days to More Happiness

Nutrition and Metabolism Ebook


Your Ultimate Guide to Nutrition and Metabolism

My Books and Coloring Books/Journals on Amazon

Coloring Book Victorian Ladies

Victorian Ladies Coloring Journal

If you love to color and love to journal, what could be better than a combination book?

Journey back in time to the Victorian Era with this Coloring Journal. You will be able to color in ladies in different dresses and in different scenes, and write your thoughs on the journal pages. Both coloring and journaling are wonderful ways to relax, and take some needed pampering self care time. (8.5″ x 11″ US Letter)

BONUS When you purchase this on Amazon, send me your receipt and I’ll send you a printable copy as well!

How Can I learn about finances

The Simple and Sassy Guide to Financial Empowerment

7 Critical Steps for Women to Learn How to Be Financially Savvy and Prepared

“Love It” I love the style and the way the book is organized. It’s easy to work with and definitely gives great insights into “secret” personal financial issues that can be resolved with this book.

“Great Gift Book and Very Helpful” I bought this book for a girlfriend of mine who just graduated college, and, upon a second thought, bought one for myself. Rovenger has structured this book to help overcome fears and obstacles and then create a vision of what you’d like your financial life to be like. Then, she gets into the nitty gritty of what most women don’t know but can easily learn about the world of finance and taking charge of their financial well-being. I wish that someone had given me this book for college graduation. I’d recommend it for a woman of any age who is sick and tired of feeling confused and powerless over money. It’s got workbook pages to complete, and Rovenger includes her email address so you can correspond with her for suggestions. Very user-friendly and easy to understand.

Travel Journal and Planner for Women

The Ultimate Travel Planner and Journal

A Woman’s Blueprint to crafting meaningful moments, unforgettable adventures, and memories to last a lifetime

“Comprehensive!” A place for everything, and everything in its place. From day one The Ultimate Travel Journal provides guidance, focus, suggestions, to-do lists. Complete preparation. You close the door behind you and it becomes your reference. As you travel it is the place to record events and your interpretation of what they mean to you. It is your journal. You return, unpack your suitcase and realize YOU have written a book about your adventure – a gift to yourself – a keepsake!

BONUS When you purchase this on Amazon, send me your receipt and I’ll send you a printable copy as well!

 FAQ’s and SAQ’s

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