Happiness Bundle Printable with Ebook

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So much is going on around us, that it’s easy to see why there is so much unhappiness in the world today. These truly are difficult times. I really want to help YOU become happier. Once you go through the steps in our Happiness Bundle you will gain the knowledge of how to claim (or re-Claim) YOUR Happiness. Emotionally this will help make you feel like a new person, deal with anything that life throws your way, and put a smile on your face!

I’ll Help You…
✔️ Discover happiness and self care practices that work for YOU
✔️ Get out of your comfort zone so you can keep life fresh and interesting
✔️ Find new, fun hobbies and rituals you’ll love working into your day.
✔️ Prioritize your happiness so your “cup is full”
✔️ Inspire your friends and family to find more happiness too– just by watching you!

Would you like to feel Happier in just 30 days?

 Our Happiness Bundle has all the information, strategies and tools to help you feel happier

❤️ Want to retrain your brain for happiness?

❤️ Love the idea of being happy ON PURPOSE every single day? 

❤️ Want help setting goals, staying organized, and working happiness and self-care into your schedule? 

❤️ Enjoy beautiful, inspiring quotes and artwork?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’ll want to grab the 

This is the ultimate resource to help you get happy ON PURPOSE!

Imagine what it would be like if …

  • You woke up happy for no reason other than being alive and loving the life you currently have while feeling excited for more …
  • You naturally saw the good in people and things because you could see the good in you ….
  • You had the tools to care for, soothe, and ground yourself no matter what life throws at you …
  • You felt relaxed and at ease more of the time and could manage stress in healthier, more productive ways …


Printable ’30 Days to Happiness’ Workbook you can print and use over and over again. Everything you need to fast track your way to more Happiness

A printable Happiness Checklist for quick check-ins with yourself and to stay on track with the daily information.

Happiness Stationery you can print out as many times as you’d like to use as Stationery or Notepaper

All are Happily included to reinforce YOUR HAPPINESS!

Please note— This is an instantly downloadable product. Nothing will be shipped. The Happiness Bundle can be printed out in Color or Black and White (greyscale)—Your Choice.
  Once downloaded, each can also be uploaded and used in apps like Goodnotes or Noteshelf.

You will receive 3 links to download the full color bundle and the full greyscale (black and white) bundle. You can decide if you want to print The Self Care Whisperer’s Happiness Bundle in color or black and white for easy printing!

Personal use license Terms and conditions

This product includes Personal Use Rights Only.

You may make as many copes as you’d like for your personal use. You may however NOT share this file.

You also may not sell this product or the individual components

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