American people spend Millions every year on gifts that are unwanted. Make YOUR gifts special—make them count and be appreciated.

Are you looking for stocking stuffers and gifts for the Girls and Women in your life who appear to have everything? Would you like a list of gift ideas for them? I think we all do, so let’s go …

One of the most enjoyable parts of gift giving is watching your gift recipient open their gift. But, if we take a moment and get into our gift recipient’s head, they are dreading putting all of their fantastic gifts away.  If you stop and really think about it, our drawers and rooms are full of “gifts” and “stuff.”  Wouldn’t it be better not to have make room for more “things,” not to have to reorganize once again?

Your gift recipients —friends and family— will truly appreciate the gifts that they can actually use and consume. These will be their favorite gifts this season! To that end goal, use this gift list as your guide.

You’ll want to keep reading so you can see our suggested list of ideal, practical and sometimes treasured gifts for the girls and women in your life who appear to have everything. As an added benefit, they will not add to Holiday clutter!

What Women who have everything would love for the Bathroom


Gift for Women who have everything

  1. I just discovered Shower Steamers.   For the girls and women in your life who don’t have a bathtub or don’t enjoy taking a bath, these are a great gift! A shower steamer is basically a bath bomb for the shower. It fizzes and releases essential oils into your shower to create a wonderful experience in aromatherapy.

Shower Steamers a Great Gift for Women who have everything

   2. Because we love “Happy” on Self Care Whisperer, we love these Happy Blend Shower Steamers!  These “Happy Blend” shower steamers are a custom blend of juicy Lemongrass and Pink Grapefruit. They are ‘very’ strong and cooling, perfect for when you want a refreshing shower — whether you want to wake up in the morning or rinse away the dirt of the day before bed. These are a gift that will be received with a smile!

  3. Pair the Happy Blend Shower Steamers with our Happiness Planner and you have got an extremely thoughtful and useful gift that your recipients will be grateful for!


Bath Bombs for Women who have everything

 4. For the girls and women who do love long luxurious baths,  Bath Bombs are a great choice. Looking for a relaxing, foaming, water softening bathing experience? These bath bombs will not disappoint. Choose from a variety of scents, all made with essential oils and skin loving ingredients. Your gift recipients will look forward to their baths—wonderful ‘ME’ time pampering!

Women who have everything will LOVE these gifts for the Bedroom


The perfect Gift for Women who have everything

5. Give the girls and women in your life an Edorai “O, So Soft!” Bamboo Nite Shirt. This will become their favorite night wear! They will  feel pretty, they’ll feel spoiled, and they’ll feel elegant in this “O, So Soft!” Good nite Shirt! Made from bamboo and cotton, the fabric is absorbent and breathable and perfect for sleeping.


Self Love Perfume for Women who have everything

6.This Self Love Perfume will remind your gift recipient how important Self Love and Self Esteem are. “Self Love is something we could all use a little more of. Use this handcrafted perfume daily, crafted with rose quartz crystals and organic essential oils, as a beautiful reminder that you are a Divine Goddess in Human Form, deserving of Infinite Love.”


Products to help you sleep.

7. This calming blend promotes relaxation and tranquility for a night of deep and restful sleep. Experience the soothing scents of floral lavender, refreshing lemon, and earthy aromas. What a great gift for someone you care about—who doesn’t cherish a great night’s sleep!

Gifts for the Kitchen


Cute Coffee Mug

8. How about a useful Coffee Mug that your recipient can use in the morning for their favorite beverages? They will be thinking about you and your thoughtfulness every time they use it.


Gift for Women who have everything and enjoy cooking

9. This hand held mixer is my absolutely favorite kitchen gadget. I mostly use it for soups, and pureeing small batches, You can also use the attachments to make Smoothies. Everyone who I have shared this product with absolutely LOVES it! A great gift for the girls and women in your life who have everything and enjoy cooking.

Great gifts for the Body

How to Make my feet softer.

10. The Importance of Soft Feet is so often overlooked. We walk on average 3000-4000 steps daily and really give our feet a workout. This is the absolute BEST cream for your feet.   Plus it doubles as a hand cream! Women (and Men) love how this Edorai Soft Silky Sensual Food Cream makes their feet feel. Guaranteed to be a favorite gift!

11All Over Lotus Moon Body Lotion  Pure Silk Body Creme – Natural Body Moisturizer For Dry Skin. This will be an extremely useful and appreciated gift!



Self Care Planner a perfect gift for Women who have everything

12. We would be remiss if we didn’t share our Self Care Planner with you. It has an educational component as well as all that your gift recipient would need for planning and organizing! You can use Coupon Code holiday2021 for a 40% Discount. Hurry before it expires!


13. Healthy Food Gifts will also be appreciated. What healthy food gifts or gift baskets have you received that you have enjoyed and would recommend?

Thank you for reading our Gift Guide. If you have any suggestions for future guides please let me know.

Happy and Healthy Holidays to you and your family!